An official OpenCaster book on Amazon UK !

I just found that there is a book sold on Amazon
about OpenCaster and its tools (mostly written in Python and C).

I wonder what they may have put in 120 pages ... as the OpenCaster's manual is nearly this amount of pages.


Nisha said...

Hi can any one tell me Open source Multiplexer for audio video , from RAW to MpegTS out with PMT .Also my PID values will be changing randomly.I have also tried Open caster and Mplex Muxer but , my PID values will be changed , so i cant write descriptor manually always , so it has any solution , which to be predict PID values and descriptor it, for muxing, I was trying for this more than year , plz kindly help me.

Else give me some solution to find out the same.

Conan_Fr said...

I am not really sure about what you are trying to do but if you want to retrieve your random PIDs inside a TS, you can use a tool like DVBsnoop as described in OpenCaster's manual. There is also inside the VLC Git repository, a tool called dvb_print_si that you can easily compile under Linux.;a=tree
Then you get those PIDs, you can replace them inside your OpenCaster's python scripts.
Hope those ideas will help you.

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