LINUX reached 20 years old !!

After the IBM-PC birthday, now the LINUX's one.

I remember going to the university to get LINUX (as it was too big to get it
with a mere 33.6K modem) I used to grab the Slackware distribution packaged with 3"1/2 floppies.

Here is the CD-ROM release with Linux Kernel v1.x


(I have no doubt about it as we can find it on Mobile, TV, STB, etc.)

found in my archives: IBM ads and product leaflets ...

I will take pictures of those pieces of vintage computing artwork.
(Sorry there are in French language because it's my mother tongue)
Some are made by Texas Instruments (but are yet describing IBM & MS stuff)

IBM PC Display choice
by charlie chaplin
IBM PC Display matrix choice
(Hercule, CGA, EGA, VGA)

leaflets covers leaflets opened

I do remember the IBM PC 5150 which is now getting 30 years old !! Happy 30th to the Personal Computer !


My father was working with numerical devices (for pay accounting stuff) and
when I was a kid, I had the chance to work on those dinosaurs' computers.

At the same time of this first IBM Personal Computer, I started on its cousin called NEC APC.
This was a great computer which such big features: hi-def resolution (1024x1024), ANSI escape sequences, dual 8inches floppies (fast led flipping during copies and such great noise), multitone sound music on a mere buzzer, CPM operating system then MS-DOS + GW-Basic, etc.

Then I worked on the IBM PC (model 5150 then the portable one model 5155 and finally the IBM AT3 with IBM 5154 EGA display) In 1981, the Personal Computer got this stuff:
  • 4.77 MHz Intel 8088 microprocessor
  • one or two disk drives
  • 16kb memory → 256k

    I do remember playing those old games like Space Commanders / Cosmic Crusader / Digger / Alley Cat and also beginning programing with the famous IBM BASICA in ROM then GW-Basic / QBASIC and at last the great Borland TURBO PASCAL generating small executables of a few bytes (not bloatwares like nowadays) All those softwares were running under the IBM PC-DOS and not MS-DOS nor Dr-DOS that came later on. Afterward came a multitasking DOS called DESQview and IBM OS/2.

    What an age, lost within our memories ... therefore I did write this article as a personal note to avoid to forget and also to celebrate this great anniversary.

    A Personal Computer with its original IBM books

    Bill Gates with DOS Multiplan (against VisiCalc)
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