Last night Steve JOBS has passed :(
Rest in piece dude !

Steve will always remind me of revolutionary products and
in particular the NeXT workstation we had at La Rochelle university (Computer Sciences department).
The NeXT Cube was holding a Motorola 68030 CPU with 8 to 64Mb of RAM,
an hard disk of 40 to 660Mb, a 256Mb magnetoptical writable drive and
a 10 Base-T with 10 Mbit/s Ethernet connector !

This workstation was in early 90 the most friendly UNIX (BSD Mach kernel)
computer mainly geared towards scientists and universities.
We can also add that the CERN in 1988 used this computer to write the first web server HTTPd and also the first web browser called WorldWideWeb.

Don't forget the NeXTStep operating system did (at that time) defined the graphical environment we all know nowadays on MAC OS !
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