An article on the USB modulator Dektec DTU-215

If you are looking for a great DVB signal modulator that is easily portable for demos, have a look at this free article from the Tele-Satellite magazine.

I do not completely agree with the end of the article where it says that LINUX do not provide a tool like StreamXpress player. Within Dektec's Linux drivers, there is the tool called DtPlay that is the same kind of tool but without any Graphical User Interface. It does the same, see: DtPlay -?

Dektec just provide drivers for this new year 2012

If you get the latest Dektec SDK for Linux on their site,
you will now be able to compile it under Ubuntu 11.04 / 11.10
which are now using the latest Linux kernel ≥ 3.0

Date:      Remarks:
2011.11.30 - Support for v3.0 and v3.1 kernels
- Fixes compile issues on kernel v2.6.37 and later
ENJOY this release and happy new year by the way !
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