French HDTV channels quality improved this summer

This July 2012, TDF (French operator of shared facilities and terrestrial networks in Europe) has updated the MR5 mutiplex channels from HDV 1080i (1440x1080) to HDTV 1080i (1920x1080). The 3 High Definition MR5 channels are :

As you may see, the main improvements are:

- better resolution that fits to standard LCD/Plasma TV used to play with 1920x1080

- an almost 30% gain in quality

- no increase in bandwidth thanks to TDF expertise in MPEG-4 encoding

- no need to change your TV set

This upgrade has been done by TDF last June 23rd as TDF is managing the head-end of MR5 multiplex which is in place at the Eiffel tower.

HDV is nearly the 1440x960 one (in the center and in green in the following diagram)

Various VIDEO resolution standards

We will also have 6 new brand DTT channels at the end of this year ... wait'n see ...

The source of this article is right here (written in french by the HD Forum group).


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