HD Forum releases TNT2.0 specifications v1.1

Among various topics, the HD Forum has worked during the last 2 years on the TNT2.0 project. The goal was to coordinate the launch of HbbTV interactive services in France.

This effort is done in partnership with the HbbTV consortium and led to an upgrade version of HbbTV standard, version 1.5 and a first recommendation for DRM's (MPEG-DASH, Microsoft PlayReady without silverlight, and MARLIN).

HbbTV 1.5 supporting DRM (Digital Rights Management)

By the way you may have noticed that Microsoft has announced the support of MPEG-DASH in Microsoft Azure, which will help its adoption. VLC 2.0.x has also integrate DASH in order to play such streams.

=> The HD forum document (PDF file in English) is available right here (21 pages).

Please note that the HD Forum is aimed at helping and promoting the development of innovative technologies for the French Digital TV environment.


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