The Amazing Spider-Man using an HP48 calculator

Amazing Spider-Man movie
I don't know if you have noticed this scene in the movie but the superhero's father was using an Hewlett-Packard calculator as many scientists used to have. Here is a capture at nearly 10" from the beginning:

amazing spiderman hp48 scene capture
Note that in HD resolution, we can see that this HP48 got a blue logo, meaning this is an 48GX.
(There is also a rumor that the Amazing Spider-Man BLU-RAY disc will be released next November)

The HP-48 series were one of the best-selling calculator ranges among engineers, scientists, and students.

I did focus on this movie part as it makes me thinking that I am getting old. Indeed I was a big FAN & user of such calculators (HP28 then HP48) in the Eighties, I didn't noticed that 10 years have already passed.

Although time seems to fly, it seems that calculators can still bloody improved themselves:
- can handle colors
- can even simulate games such as DOOM
- have enough horsepower to emulate other devices
- ...

DOOM on TI-nspire CX

There are also CASIO Prizm calculators that can handle it but it's not damn fast:

Nowadays I am pretty sure that Mobile phones and tablets have taken the throne. Such power in palm hands ... Finally Calculators (but also PDA, Netbooks, Palm) have to Rest In Peace. This is just a matter of facts and we have to live with it. Everything on earth have its days numbered.

Moreover I am not really sure that it is damned Ecological ... such devices with time are used to be thrown deep inside our selves, playing with dust and being destroyed by acid battery leaks.


amertum said...

Hey, I used to have an HP48 and before that a TI 85 and before that the first casio color. The very first calculator I had, had only 500 bytes of memory. I started programming on such tiny things. And now it provides the same thing as a 486dx computer... Does kids still do programming with them ? Or only watching movies in class :D

Conan_Fr said...

Another BLOG has done a well study of what's inside Dr. Richard Parker's briefcase. Have a look here :

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